WhatsApp Adds Discord-like Voice Chats to Simplify Group Calling

New WhatsApp update for calling 128 people in group call feature

WhatsApp is no stranger to frequent updates that add new features. In the same vein, the messenger’s latest update evolves the messenger’s voice calling feature for groups, which is obviously one of the most used in the app. Like Discord, WhatsApp is now adding an easier way for users to start a larger group conversation, along with another improvement.

WhatsApp’s new group voice chat feature: start calling without interrupting others

Announced via the WhatsApp update channelThe new voice chat feature allows users to talk directly to members of a group chat while still messaging within the group. Once started, the new voice chat will send a silent push notification to all other users to participate. This is different from a voice call because the notification is not as pronounced. WhatsApp’s focus here is to ensure that selective group members can talk to each other without disrupting the whole thing.

new WhatsApp update 128 people voice call
Start a group voice chat in WhatsApp without disturbing others (Image courtesy: WhatsApp)

As some of you may know, this works similarly to how voice chats work in Discord. When voice chat starts, other people in the group can see that members are currently in a voice chat. They can then join the group conversation with these users.

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These voice calls are also present end-to-end encryption, so that only the users who participated in the voice conversation can hear it. Plus, you can easily access the call controls without having to leave the screen. The chats end when everyone leaves or if no one joins the first or last person on the chat within 60 minutes.

new WhatsApp update 128 people voice call
New voice chat feature for groups in WhatsApp (Image courtesy: WhatsApp)

WhatsApp mentions that voice chats will be accessible to groups that come over 33 to 128 members. This feature is also only available on a user’s primary device.

WhatsApp voice chat release date

Isn’t the new WhatsApp voice chat feature quite useful? Do you think it will be useful? Let us know in the comments below.

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