Will GTA 6 Be a PS5 Exclusive? All You Need to Know (2022)

as the release date of GTA 6 comes closer to being revealed, a new kind of tension is brewing in the community. Thanks to the huge success of PS5 over the Xbox Series X, many players are left wondering if GTA 6 will be exclusive to Sony’s latest console. Considering the console’s history, it doesn’t seem impossible. But do you really need to worry if you don’t have a PS5? If not, will you get to play GTA 6 as soon as the game releases? Let’s find out!

GTA 6 PS5 Release: All You Need to Know (2022)

We have discussed the release history, leaks, and more details of all major GTA titles to reach a conclusion for the GTA 6 platform support dilemma. But if you don’t want to dive deep, skip to the conclusion using the table below.

Rockstar Games Platform Support

We are first going over all the major titles from Rockstar Games, the studio behind GTA 6. Doing so will give us a better understanding of how the devs handle platform exclusivity and whether GTA 6 can be exclusive to PS5 or not.

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game Release Platform Ported Platforms
GTA 3 Windows macOS, Android, iOS, Fire OS
Max Payne 2 Windows Xbox, PS2
GTA Vice City PS2 Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Fire OS
GTA San Andreas PS2, Windows, Xbox macOS, iOS, Android, Fire OS, PS3, Xbox 350
GTA 4 PS3, Xbox 360 Windows
Red Dead Redemption PS3, Xbox 360
Max Payne 3 PS3, Xbox 360 Windows, macOS
GTA 5 PS3, Xbox 360 PS4, Xbox One, Windows, PS5, Xbox X/S
Red Dead Redemption 2 PS4, Xbox One Windows, Stadia

With an exception of Red Dead Redemption (RDR1), there is no other modern title from Rockstar Games that hasn’t reached other major platforms of that generation. Even though consoles seem to get the initial launch of all Rockstar games, PC users do get a polished version of the game in a year or two. Moreover, since the release of GTA Vice City, there has been no Playstation exclusive release in the franchise.

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Deal Between Sony and Rockstar Games

At the moment, there is no official announcement for the confirmed platforms that GTA 6 will roll out to first. But interestingly, Foxy, a known GTA leaker, tweeted about an ongoing deal between Sony and Rockstar Games back in 2020. According to the tweet, the deal had something to do with the GTA VI partnership following the release of GTA 5’s PS5 edition.

The details of this partnership were never made public. So, it’s hard to conclude the results of the same. But, considering the franchise’s huge audience, it’s unlikely for Rockstar Games to sign an exclusive contract for GTA 6 to be only on PS5. Not to forget, with games like Marvel’s Spider-Man becoming non-exclusive, the era of platform-exclusive games seems to be at its end.

We have established in our official GTA 6 guide that the game will feature a map that might be expanded with DLCs in the future. So, as far as the deal is concerned, we expect Sony to get a few exclusive DLCs and maps for GTA 6. But an exclusive release, at the moment, feels too good to be true.

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Will GTA 6 Be on PS5?

As you can notice in the release pattern of Rockstar Games, their next major title will first hit the currently popular consoles. Then it will be ported to Windows and other major platforms (if any). So, without any doubt, GTA VI will release on PS5, Xbox Series X/Sand later on Windows 10/11. But since there is no official announcement yet, the situation can change in a flash. So, it’s best to keep an open mind.

GTA 6 on PS4 and Xbox One

Now that we have established that GTA 6 is coming to all the next-gen platforms, it’s the turn of the oldies. Both PS4 and Xbox One have served as reliable platforms for GTA 5. But, unfortunately, GTA 6 might not ever reach these 2 consoles. If you wish to know why, go read our dedicated article on whether GTA 6 comes to PS4 and Xbox One or not.

GTA 6 is Not Exclusive to PS5

Exclusive or not, GTA VI is going to be a game-changer for the whole industry. And the recent concept trailer of GTA 6 re-establishes the same and gives us a glimpse at what the next-gen graphics could look like. With that said, where are you planning to play GTA 6 when it releases? Tell us in the comments below!

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