Will OnePlus Replace OxygenOS with H2O OS? Find out Here!

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The recent OnePlus and Oppo merger has resulted in the active development of a unified skin based on both the companies’ Android skins: OxygenOS and ColorOS. The full OxygenOS-ColosOS integration is still underway, but once this happens, the companies are likely to come up with a new name. A recent rumor regarding this reveals the possible OxygenOS-ColosOS unified skin name, but we are not sure if this will happen.

OxygenOS -> H2O OS, Is It?

Known tipster Mukul Sharma (aka stufflistings) shared a trademark filing for “H2O OS” issued by OnePlus. This gives us an inkling that OnePlus might name the OxygenOS-ColorOS skin as H2O OS. It would be an amalgamation of OnePlus’ OS names: OxygenOS (for global markets) and HydrogenOS (for China).

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However, turns out, it might be really difficult for this rumor to become reality. It is suggested that while the trademark filing exists and is real, it happened almost 7 years ago. This appears more like OnePlus considering the HydrogenOS branding as H2O OS but that never happened. For those who don’t know, ever since the collaboration between OnePlus and Oppo, HydrogenOS no longer exists and has been replaced by ColorOS in China.

One thing worth noting is that there are still chances OnePlus might use the H2O OS moniker. Although, there’s a slim chance! Whatever be the case, a name change is highly expected and it might apply for both OnePlus and Oppo smartphones, meaning, the compatible phones receiving the unified OS update will see the name change.

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That said, there’s no word on when this will happen. OnePlus might announce some details at the OnePlus 10 Pro’s global launch but you should take this with a grain of salt. We will keep you posted on the details, so stay tuned. Also, let us know your thoughts on the possible OxygenOS name change in the comments below.

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