Windows 11 Insider Build 22543 Brings Natural Narrator Voices, Snap Improvements, and More

Download Windows 11 Insider Build 22543 Brings Natural Narrator Voices, Snap Improvements, and More for free

As a usual affair, Microsoft has introduced the latest Windows 11 Insider Preview Build for the Dev Channel. The new Windows 11 build version 22543 comes with a few new changes, including new Narrator voices, Narrator keyboard shortcuts, and more. Here’s a look.

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Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 22543: What’s New?

Firstly, the latest Windows 11 build now includes new Narrator voices, which are aimed to be more natural for the ease of scrolling the web, reading, and more functions. These new voices, Jenny and Aria, will make use of the PC’s on-device text to speech and will work offline once downloaded. However, they are only available in US English at the moment.

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To get the new Narrator voices, users can head to the Narrator Settings -> Select the “Add” option under the “Add Natural Voices” option -> Select either of the options available and install them. Users will be required to download both Jenny and Aria narrator voices separately and can even get a preview of the voices before downloading.

Image: Windows Insider

Users can also easily switch between Narrator voices with new keyboard shortcuts. To move to the previous voice in the settings combo box, Narrator + Alt + the Minus key can be used. To move to the next voice, Narrator + Alt + the Plus key is now available.

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This update also updates the media controls on the lock screen when playing music to match the Windows 11 design. This is in addition to the redesigned flyout UI for volume and brightness options, which was introduced recently. The update also includes the ability to resize the app windows in Snap layouts to showcase the active window and put the non-active out of focus overlaid with their icons.

Additionally, using the shortcut WIN + ALT + K will display an indicator to show that a call on Microsoft Teams is on mute. Plus, there are a number of fixes and improvements as part of the update.

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You must know that these changes are a part of the Windows Insider and may or may not release to the general audience. If you are an Insider, you can simply download the update and access the new features!

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