X Survive MOD APK 1.759 (Money, Free Craft, No Hunger)

X Survive is a unique open-world sandbox game developed by Free Square Games for the Android platform. The game takes you on a challenging, yet equally creative journey of survival in a vast and mysterious world.

Explore the vast open world

Entering X Survive, you will set foot on a large island with countless interesting things waiting to be discovered. From dense forests, and majestic mountains to romantic beaches, all are reproduced vividly and in detail. You can roam freely, gather resources, build houses, and create your own life.

Rich crafting and construction mechanisms

X Survive offers an extremely diverse crafting and building system with over 500 different block types. You can use these blocks to build anything you want, from simple houses to massive structures. The game also provides a variety of tools and weapons for you to exploit resources, fight enemies, and protect yourself from danger.

Diverse game modes

X Survive offers two main game modes: Survival and Creative. Survival Mode offers a challenging experience where you must search for food, water, and shelter to survive in the wild. Creative Mode allows you to unleash your creativity without being limited by any factors. You can build unique structures, create magical machines, and even share your games with the gaming community.

Impressive 3D graphics

X Survive possesses beautiful 3D graphics with a detailed and vividly designed environment. The visual and sound effects are also carefully invested, contributing to creating a realistic and engaging gaming experience.

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X Survive MOD APK – Money, Free Craft, No Hunger

X Survive MOD APK – Money, Free Craft, No Hunger is a modded version of the survival game X Survive, providing players with a significant advantage over the original. Here are some details about this MOD version:

Unlimited Money: Players have unlimited money to buy items, build buildings, upgrade skills, and survive more easily.
Free Crafting: No need to collect materials, players can craft any item instantly, saving time and effort.
No Hunger: Players are not affected by hunger mechanics, allowing them to focus on other activities such as combat and exploration.


X Survive is an exciting open-world sandbox game with diverse gameplay, rich crafting and building systems, and impressive graphics. If you are looking for a game to entertain and unleash your creativity, X Survive will be a great choice.

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