Xiaomi’s New Water Purifier Can Also Boil Your Water

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In addition to launching flagship smartphones, Xiaomi has launched several unusual but unique smart home products, including an electric toothbrush, a smart lamp that doubles as a heater, and more, in the past. Adding to its list of cool products, the company has now announced a unique water purifier that can also boil your water in just one second! Yes, you read that right. A water purifier that also serves as a boiler.

Xiaomi's New Water Purifier Can Also Boil Your Water

Mi Instant Water Purifier Q800 launched

The Mi Instant Water Purifier Q800 is primarily a water purifier, consisting of two RO filters to filter unwanted particles from the water. There is a new RO-600G primary filter that lasts up to 5 years, and a secondary to support the primary filter.

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Xiaomi also says that the filter unit life extended by 150% and there is a 50% improvement in the clean-to-waste water ratio. Therefore, the clean-to-waste water ratio of the Q800 is 3:1 and the discharged wastewater can also be used for other domestic purposes, such as washing dishes, cleaning clothes and mopping the floor.

It also comes with four different presets that allow users to heat water to different temperatures before pouring it into a glass or bowl. The four preset modes include: normal temperature mode (25°C), milk mode (45°C), coffee mode (85°C), and boiling water mode (95°C). Users can also create custom presets to heat water through the Mijia app.

The Mi Instant Water Purifier has an anti-clogging system and a smart faucet to drain clean, boiling water. There is also a touch screen that allows users to easily monitor and operate various functions of the device.

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Price and availability

The Mi Instant Water Purifier Q800 is priced at CNY 3,799 (~ Rs 44,328). It is currently exclusive to the Chinese market and it is unknown if the company will launch it in other markets in the future. We will keep you informed if we receive further updates on the worldwide availability of the product. So stay tuned for more information.

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