Samsung Won’t Be Rebranding Its Exynos Chips After All

Samsung Exynos is the company’s own mobile SoC product line and many of the latest phones are powered by it. For example the latest Galaxy S23FE is powered by a Exynos 2200 (4nm) processor. We’ve even heard rumors that Exynos 2400 is planned for the upcoming S24 lineup.

Now recently a new rumor came from the X user (formerly Twitter) @OreXda. It was claimed that Samsung is saying goodbye to the Exynos branding. The leakster pointed to Exynos processors, which would soon be renamed ‘Dream Chip‘ instead of. This was also discussed extensively by various media associations.

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Samsung exynos chip rebranding rumor
Rumor about rebranding Samsung Exynos chip

However, this is what it looks like now the rumor has been completely shot down. Android Authority asked the company Samsung Semiconductor about this directly, and they confirmed that this was “rumor about rebranding is not true.” Additionally, Android Authority has stated that the tipster @OreXda on X (formerly Twitter) has no credible track record of leaks.

The rumor about a rebranding is not true. For reference: the brand name mentioned [Dream – ed] is simply an internal project name – Samsung Semiconductor via Android Authority

Considering this big rumor about an upcoming rebrand of Exynos processors, the media association reached out to Samsung to clarify the situation. In addition to the previous answer, Android Authority asked Samsung for the second time whether “all rumors of a rebrand were false.”

To this, Samsung Semiconductor wrote in another response that “All the rumors about rebranding are untrue.” This closes the chapter on all rebranding rumors for Exynos processors – confirming that there are no plans for rebranding. In short, ‘Dream’ or ‘Dream Chip’ were simply internal project names used by Samsung during the development of Exynos processors. The current branding remains intact.

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What do you think of the Samsung Exynos chips? Do you think a rebrand is warranted since it’s been so many years, after all? Let us know in the comments below.