ChromeOS Flex, Which Brings Chrome OS to Old PCs, Now Available for All

ChromeOS Flex, Which Brings Chrome OS to Old PCs, Now Available for All

Back in Feb, Google came up with a way to make use of an old MacBook or a Windows laptop with the help of ChromeOS Flex. The new operating system will help you run Chrome OS on your old PC for modern usage. While initially, it was available as part of the beta, it has now exited the phase and is now available for all.

chromeos flex out of beta

Now Everyone Can Try ChromeOS Flex!

ChromeOS Flex, a cloud-first OS, will help make an old PC faster and more secure. Plus, this will provide for faster and automatic updates. This is meant for both enterprise and generic users alike. It will include various Chrome OS features like sandboxing technology, Google Assistant support, Nearby Sharing, and much more.

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There’s no support for Android apps but it does come with full-fledged Linux support. The publicly available ChromeOS Flex is based on Chrome OS, version 103. Additionally, it is said to be another version of CloudReady, which has been a way to get Chrome OS on a laptop. But there are a few differences and you can check them out here.

Plus, this will be an easy and safe way to repurpose an old PC, thus, reducing e-waste. After all, this has been a recurring issue and the cause of no chargers in device boxes these days!

Google says that ever since its early access days, ChromeOS Flex has improved, and about 400 devices. have been ChromeOS Flex certified.

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The process of getting ChromeOS Flex on a MacBook or a Windows laptop is pretty easy; all you need is a USB stick for it. We have an article on how to get ChromeOS Flex on your laptop and you can check it out if you are intrigued. From what we experienced, the OS ran pretty well. You can download Chrome OS Flex by heading about here.

So, what do you think about this? Will you get ChromeOS Flex on an old laptop? If you do, let us know your thoughts on it in the comments below.

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