How to Use a Minecraft Treasure Map in 2022 [Easiest Guide]

How to Use a Minecraft Treasure Map in 2022 [Easiest Guide]

Thanks to the large Minecraft 1.18 worlds and their variety of mobs, finding rare loot is one of the most important assets for survival in this sandbox game. Among all these loots, one of the rarest is the buried treasure. Much like pirate stories, you can only find this buried deep in the ground and only if you know how to use a buried treasure map in Minecraft. So, that’s what we will cover today. From using the map to making the most out of it, our guide has everything you need to know about the buried treasure map in Minecraft. having said that, make a minecraft boatand get ready for this adventure!

Using a Minecraft Treasure Map: Detailed Guide (2022)

We already have a detailed guide on our website to help you find buried treasure in Minecraft† You can use this guide to dive deeper into the treasure hunt. But if treasure maps are your only interest, keep reading!

How Does a Minecraft Treasure Map Work?

Similar to other in-game maps, a Minecraft treasure map indicates the following things:

  • Player’s current location
  • Buried treasure’s location
  • Biomes around the treasure

So, if you know how to read the indicators on the map, your journey to the buried treasure will be a piece of cake.

How to Use a Minecraft Treasure Map

In terms of functionality, the map has real-world directions. The top and bottom are North and South, respectively. Meanwhile, the map’s left side is west and the right side is east. Then, as you can see in the GIF above, there’s a white circular mark at the bottom left that indicates your current position† Finally, there is an “X” marked with a red crossand that’s the location of the buried treasure in your Minecraft world.

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Understand Your Location on the Map

To use a map in Minecraft or the real world, you need to know where you are with respect to the map. More importantly, you need to know in which direction you are facing. If you are on the Java edition, you can press the “F3” key on your keyboard to open up an information panel. You can find the direction you are facing from the left side panel here.

If you are on the Bedrock edition, there’s no way to bring up an information panel. you can try traveling in random directions until the player indicator moves and faces the treasure in the Minecraft treasure map. Alternatively, you can also use the sunrise and sunset to determine your direction. The sun rises from the East and sets in the West, even in the Minecraft world.

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Understand Treasure’s Location on the Map

As you already know, the treasure on your map is marked by a red cross (X). You also know that the four sides of the map indicate the real-world directions. So now, you simply need to find the geographical position of the X mark with respect to your location.

In the above screenshot, the X mark on the buried treasure map is located in the North-East direction from my current location in my Minecraft world. So, North and East are the directions I need to head towards.

Travel to Treasure Location on Map in Minecraft

Now that we know the basics, it’s time to use the map to reach the X mark and dig out the buried treasure. Follow these steps to easily use a Minecraft treasure map and reach the spot:

1. Since you have two directions with respect to the buried treasure (in this case), you first need to move in one of these directions† If you move in the right direction, the map will start showing the biomes around you soon enough. Check out the following screenshot to see how it works.

2. Next, after you are parallel to the X mark on one side, it’s time to move in the second direction† In the right circumstances, you should now see the white circular marker (your position) moving towards the X and uncovering the rest of the biomes on the map. Keep going until the player indicator is on top of the X mark.

How to Use a Minecraft Treasure Map

3. Finally, it’s time for you to dive down and dig on top of and around the X. In most cases, the treasure is either buried below the beach or underwater. But on rare occasions, you might find it on the side of a hill or even under the ocean floor. Well, once you find the treasure, you can loot the chest and collect rare loot items with ease.

How to Use a Minecraft Treasure Map

Find and Use Buried Treasure Map in Minecraft

And just like that, you’re now ready to be the next pirate and use all the treasure maps in Minecraft. And if uncovering secrets is something you genuinely like, the new Deep Dark biome coming in Minecraft 1.19 is sure to impress you. But do make sure to dress the part using one of the coolest minecraft skins† With that said, if your boat faces any trouble on your quest to find the buried treasure, feel free to reach out in the comments below. Someone from our team will help you on this exploration journey.

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