Instagram Now Lets You Cross-Post Reels to Facebook

cross post IG FB reels

Instagram’s plans to grow Reels have been quite clear and has been introducing numerous features to move steadily in this direction. For this, the Meta-owned social media platform has now got a new set of Reels features, which is also for Facebook Reels. Have a look at what’s new.

New Reels Features Out!

First, there will now be an option to cross-post Reels from Instagram to Facebook, much like Stories and regular posts. While posting a Reel on Instagram, you will find an option to post on Facebook too, allowing you to get better reach.

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Plus, Facebook Reels will now show Creator Studio Insights, allowing you to keep track of your Reels’ performance. Insights for Instagram Reels are already available.

Last year, Instagram introduced the “Add Yours” for Stories, allowing people to follow trends and even find new people. this “Add Yours” sticker is now coming to both Instagram and Facebook Reels. With this, a similar approach can be followed for Reels and you can even give credit to the person behind a particular trend. This way, the person or even you can grow further.

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Instagram’s Stars is also reaching Facebook Reels. This is a way for you to support various creators by tipping them and is similar to Twitter’s Tip Jar feature. For this, there will be new mobile options to know how to get started and even track the earnings.

Facebook Reels can be remixed in sequence, an ability already available for Instagram Reels. Lastly, there’s now the auto-created Facebook Reels, which is a way to convert the previous Facebook Stories into Reels. This is yet another Instagram Reels feature that has reached Facebook.

The new feature drop is another indication of how Instagram and even Meta are betting big on Reels in order to compete with the popular TikTok. Although, you should know that this endeavor has also attracted some negativity, and Instagram was recently forced to roll back some of the recent changes heavily inspired by TikTok. So, what are your thoughts on the new Reels features? Let us know in the comments below.

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