Mini Football MOD APK 1.7.6 (Unlimited Sprint)

Mini Football MOD APK 1.7.6 (Unlimited Sprint)

Football is considered the king sport because it has a large fan base. So what about you? Do you love football and want to play on the field? Or are you looking for an attractive football game to satisfy your passion? Today, APKGeneral will introduce to you a game called Mini Football. This is a soccer game that you can play right away without having to practice or learn how to play. Moreover, the game has simple and easy-to-understand gameplay with fun graphics. Along with that, you can also feel the tense atmosphere from a football match, you will definitely love this game.

Mini Football MOD APK 1.7.6 (Unlimited Sprint)

What’s special about Mini Football?

Mini Football is a football game inspired by Football Strike. Therefore, it possesses the strongest points of its predecessor, and it also gives players new and unique experiences. The game developer has emphasized the entertainment factor, with easy gameplay that is suitable for most players. The game does not place much emphasis on theory or form, nor does it have challenges to puzzle players. That’s why anyone can play. If you love a football game, download Mini Football right away and compete with other gamers.

Be a good coach

Coming to the sports game Mini Football, to become a good coach, you need to control all 11 players well on the field. When the ball is in the foot of a player, you need to manage that player. To know which player is holding the ball, you just need to look at the circle at their feet. The actions of the player will be completely up to you. Therefore, during the entire game, what you need to do is see who has the ball and how to put the ball into the opponent’s net.

And of course, your opponent will do the same. The match will be interesting when in a tug of war. It means that when you attack, the opponent will defend and vice versa. Like real-life matches, you need to score more goals than your opponent. Therefore, in addition to attacking, you also need to pay attention to defense. Controlling your players well and keeping a clean sheet will likely be your motto. To become a strong team, you need to combine two factors: good attack and good defense.

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One factor that helps players feel more interesting than the actual matches, is that the game will not be interrupted by the referee’s penalty cards. During the match, there was only one character with a yellow shirt running around the field. However, he will not interrupt your match. The match will become much more dramatic when the opponents comfortably foul each other without worrying about penalty cards.

When there is no referee, the two teams will do all they can to bring victory for their team. So do you have any ideas to bring home victory in this crazy match?

The game has many options for players

Players can collect players with different positions for their team. And once you have your dream team, train them to be the best players with the most effective kicks. As a coach, you can use the money to recruit the Star you want. Do everything to have the strongest team and win every match you participate in.

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In addition, the game also allows you to change and choose different customizations to create the appearance of your team. From choosing a logo, pants, shirt, shoes, socks, or a favorite ball. All are in store for you to choose freely.

In addition, players can also fight with their friends to rise to the top of the leaderboard. The leaderboard will be updated continuously during the week with many tournaments for you to participate in. Therefore, you can compete with your team and advance together.

Impressive graphics and sound

Mini Football gives players fun with its graphics. The game is designed in chibi style to increase entertainment for players. The character in the game will have a shape with a slightly larger head and a chubby body. Therefore, you will certainly feel fun and be interesting during the game.

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Although the game is only created with 2D graphics, each character is very attractive with a memorable face. The movements of the players are simulated very smoothly, meeting the fast and focused requirements of football matches.

In terms of sound, Mini Football is also highly appreciated by players. The sound effects are evaluated realistically and are simulated very accurately like a real match. Those are the cheers of the audience after each goal, shot, or even ecstatic saves of the goalkeeper. All are very detailed and realistic.

What features does the Mini Football mod apk version have?

Mini Football mod apk will bring you attractive features that are: Unlimited Sprint


Mini Football has a clever combination of the most important points of the king’s sport, along with fascinating innovations in gameplay and graphics to bring the best entertainment to players. If you are a football lover, Mini Football is definitely the perfect choice for you.


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