Nokia Smartphones Will No Longer Come with ZEISS-Backed Cameras

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Nokia and ZEISS have had a partnership for many years, with the latter providing camera hardware to the former’s smartphones. This long-run partnership has now ended, as confirmed by HMD Global-owned Nokia. Check out the details below.

Nokia-ZEISS Partnership Ended!

In a statement to Nokia mobit has been confirmed that Nokia and ZEISS are no longer partners. This means that the future Nokia smartphones won’t come with the ZEISS branding. A reason for this decision has not been provided.

The statement reads, “After the long and successful collaboration, in 2021 ZEISS and HMD Global have mutually agreed not to prolong their non-exclusive partnership which included collaboration for imaging technologies of “Nokia” branded smartphones with ZEISS as consulting and development partner.

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It is suggested that the collaboration between Nokia and ZEISS had silently terminated in 2021. The Nokia XR20 used to be the last phone to come with ZEISS-backed cameras. Currently, only sony and Vivo exist as the camera company’s partners.

To recall, the Nokia-ZEISS partnership began in 2017. The result of this collaboration included phones like the Nokia 9 PureView, the Nokia 8.3, the Nokia 7.2, and more. The Nokia 9 PureView was arguably popular, thanks to the presence of 5 rear cameras and how it marked the return of the PureView branding.

It remains to be seen what is in store for the future Nokia smartphones! Do share your thoughts on the end of the Nokia-ZEISS partnership in the comments below.

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