Nothing Teases Its Next Earbuds and They Are Different Too!


Nothing Teases Its Next Earbuds and They Are Different Too!

As you can infer from the above audio samples, the AI ​​algorithm of LALAL.AI Voice Cleaner is fantastic. It effortlessly canceled most of the harsh background noise and enhanced my voice to deliver greater clarity, even in the normal setting. The best part is that, despite using the free service, it was able to process the audio within a few seconds. That means there’s no server slowdown for free users, and the processing is equally fast for them.

And with the batch upload feature (available only to paid users), you can process and remove noise from several audio clips pretty fast. In addition, for premium subscribers, the service offers a Fast Processing Queue to quickly reduce noise from a large swathe of audio files.

nothing ear stick teased

Supports Multiple Media Formats

The LALAL.AI Voice Cleaner supports a number of audio and video formats, which include MP3, OGG, WAV, FLAC, AVI, MP4, MKV, AIFF, and AAC. The tool has you covered for almost all the mainstream media formats. No need to convert the video file to audio format to reduce unwanted noise. LALAL.AI’s Voice Cleaner can do it all in a simple manner without any added complexity.

Large Upload Size

If you are worried about the upload size of media files, well, worry not. LALAL.AI’s Voice Cleaner allows you to upload files up to 2GB in size, which is more than enough for most users. In addition, under the base plan, you can upload 1,000 minutes of media files, and it can go up to 5,000 minutes for the top-tier plan (paid plan prices shared below).

Download Voice Files

The best part about LALAL.AI’s Voice Cleaner tool is that it allows paid members to download Stem files as well. you can split audio into distinct sections with voice, noise, and secondary voice — all isolated into separate fragments.

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If you are splitting a music file, it can split the song into usable segments like vocals, bass, drums, etc. Basically, you will get access to all the distinct sounds in an audio file. Isn’t that amazing? You can then proceed to use any of them as samples for your next hit single.

Integration Into Business Environments

If you run an online service, website, or application and need a high-quality voice cleaning service, LALAL.AI Voice Cleaner is an apt choice for your needs. Under the business package, it offers an API that you can easily integrate into your service. The client just needs to upload the files, and all the processing and splitting are done on LALAL.AI’s server.

Apart from that, it offers you complete privacy and security for all uploaded content. You can access the isolated stems and track the upload limit from your management panel. And if you want more minutes, you can scale the network based on your needs as well. Not to mention, you will get premium support from LALAL.AI to optimize and improve the whole operation.

How to Use LALAL.AI Voice Cleaner Online Tool

As mentioned above, LALAL.AI has developed an effortless web service to quickly reduce noise from media files. So you don’t need to install an app or configure your OS to use the service. Simply open the website on your computer or mobile, upload your files, and you are done! On that note, let’s go ahead and learn how to use the service to get a crystal-clear voice recording.

1. Open the LALAL.AI Voice Cleaner website on your computer or mobile.

How to Use LALAL.AI Voice Cleaner

2. After that, click on”Select Files” and choose the audio file. you can also select the Processing level – Mild, Normal, or Aggressive – from the options under the upload button. Note that, for free users, it allows the upload of 5 minutes of audio recordings. Premium users start with a 1,000 minutes time limit.

How to Use LALAL.AI Voice Cleaner

3. Now, sit back and relax. Within a few seconds, your media file will be processed, and you will be able to listen to the clean recording immediately. In addition, you can also listen to the isolated noise. If you are a paying user, you can also download the noise files on your device. That was easy, right?

How to Use LALAL.AI Voice Cleaner

LALAL.AI Voice Cleaner: Pricing

LALAL.AI offers a free service for users who want to try its voice cleaning and noise separation service. It won’t cost you anything, and you don’t need to add a card to use the free service. However, the time is limited to 5 minutes only. As for premium plans, here are the pricing details.

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Plan price Number of Minutes Upload Size Limit per File Fast Processing Queue Voice Download Batch Upload
Starter $0 10 minutes 50MB no no no
Plus pack $30 300 minutes 2GB yes yes yes
Lite pack $15 90 minutes 2GB yes yes yes
master $100 1,000 minutes 2GB yes yes yes
Premium $200 3,000 minutes 2GB yes yes yes
Enterprise $300 5,000 minutes 2GB yes yes yes

Cancel Unwanted Noise With LALAL.AI Voice Cleaner

So this is all you need to know about LALAL.AI Voice Cleaner, its best features, and pricing plans. In my usage, the service turned out to be excellent. If you are a journalist and want to remove noise from interview recordings, LALAL.AI’s Voice Cleaner is an excellent tool at your disposal. The same applies to streamers, transcribers, and musicians. If you liked the service, you can buy the premium plan from our link below.

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Check Out LALAL.AI Voice Cleaner

After its introduction last year, Nothing now has two products in its portfolio: the ear (1) and the phone (1). More products are in the pipeline and as the company is so fond of teasers, we have a new one for its next pair of earbuds. Check it out!

Nothing Ear (stick) Teased

nothing has confirmed that it will be launching the new Ear (stick) earbuds, which were recently revealed at Chet Lo’s SS23 runway. The company has revealed the design of the earbuds’ charging case, which indicates that the company will keep on introducing newness with its products!

Yes, this one’s a cylindrical case with the same transparent vibe. This does bring something new to the table but appears like an asthma pump to me! Should be interesting to see what this will be like in reality. Do let us know if this is what you feel too.

To recall, the Nothing Ear (stick) was leaked prior to the phone (1) launch with the same cylindrical case. This was with the ear (1) Stick moniker! However, there’s no word what the earbuds will look like. Chances are they will be akin to the ear (1) with some changes like a longer stem leaked previously.

As for what to expect, nothing is known as of now. But we expect some performance improvements over the ear (1), along with a few more changes. They could be priced reasonably too.

Since the teasing has just begun, we can expect this cycle to go on and witness the launch of the Nothing Ear (stick) in no time. We will keep you posted on the new details we will get. So, stay tuned. Also, share your thoughts on the upcoming Nothing earbuds in the comments below.

Featured Image: Nothing/Twitter

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