Samsung Unveils The Wall All-in-One and Flip Pro Displays

Samsung Unveils The Wall All-in-One and Flip Pro Displays

Samsung has added two new products as part of its Pro-Audio-Visual portfolio, The Wall All-in-One and Flip Pro displays during the InfoComm 2022 event in India, which will be held until September 7. Check out the details below.

samsung the wall all in one

Samsung The Wall All-in-One: Details

Samsung’s The Wall All-in-One is a modular Micro-LED display meant for professional spaces. It comes in two screen sizes: 110-inch and 146-inch, both of which feature the Black Seal Technology for improved contrast and details. As Samsung says, it “blankets the screen with perfect uniformity.

The display also comes with Ultra Chroma technology for brighter colors. The Wall All-in-One also has a 16:9 aspect ratio.

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The screen can be easily installed and has a pre-adjusted seam and a “Pre-Assembled Frame Kit” for the purpose. The Wall All-in-One is a single unit, comprising a built-in control box, wall brackets, speakers, and deco bezels.

Samsung Flip Pro: Details

The Samsung Flip Pro is specified for educational needs and comes in two size options: 75-inch and 85-inch. there’s support for the innovative pen and brush modewhich enables a real writing experience and enables erasing with a simple swipe of a finger or palm.

The display comes with features like the quick tool, palette menu, and a toggle button for a new note layer UI. The Flip Pro has various connectivity options like 3-in-1 USB C, HDMI, DP, and OPS (Open Pluggable System) slot.

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Furthermore, the display comes with functionalities like screen mirroring, touch control, and external device charging (maximum 65W).

Price and Availability

The Samsung The Wall All-in-One display retails at a starting price of Rs 90,00,000, while the Samsung Flip Pro starts at Rs 5,00,000.

There’s no word on when the displays will be available.

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