YouTube for Android Gets Transcription Feature Like on Desktop; Here’s How It Works!

YouTube for Android Gets Transcription Feature Like on Desktop; Here’s How It Works!

YouTube has a useful transcription feature, which allows users to get access to a particular part of a video using text transcription without the need for looking through the entire video. This feature, to a lot of people’s happiness, is reaching the video streaming platform’s mobile app. Here are the details to know.

YouTube for Android Gets Transcription Feature Like on Desktop; Here's How It Works!

YouTube’s Transcription Feature Coming to Android

It is revealed that YouTube is currently testing the Transcription feature for its Android app. The feature, whenever it goes live for all the users, will reside in the description section in the form of the “Show Transcription” option† Clicking on this will allow users to access the transcription of what has been said at a particular timestamp in a video.

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It will appear similar to how it looks on YouTube’s desktop version but will be more mobile-friendly. Users will be able to view the whole transcription of the video and can even move to a particular text at a particular timestamp. Anmol from our team got access to this nifty feature and here’s what it looks like:

However, it is suggested that, unlike the desktop version, users won’t be able to search for a particular part of the video through the transcription lines† While this appears like a downside, at least YouTube’s Android app will finally allow for transcriptions, which could be really helpful, especially for long videos.

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This feature is said to be rolling out as a server-side update, which means that not all people will be able to get access to it. Although, we expect the feature to be introduced soon for the general audience and also for the iOS users. We will let you know about this whenever it happens. Hence, stay tuned to the space and also let us know if you would love this new addition on your YouTube app in the comments below.

In related news, YouTube’s modded Vanced version is officially being shut down, possibly due to a legal notice sent over by Google. While existing users will still be able to use it, new ones won’t be able to download and access YouTube premium features for free.

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