EVO raft MOD APK 3,257 (Unlimited Money)

Download EVO raft MOD APK 3,257 (Unlimited Money) for free

If you love survival Adventure games, you cannot ignore Survival Island: EVO raft. This is a game with very impressive graphics that give players a great experience. The game is published by Not Found Games. Although it has only been released for a short time, until now, Survival Island: EVO raft is the survival game for mobile worth choosing the most. Now lets APKGeneral will find out together what is interesting about Survival Island: EVO raft.

EVO raft MOD APK 3,257 (Unlimited Money)

Introduction to the game Survival Island: EVO raft

A new life on the deserted island will surely bring players hundreds of pleasant surprises. But to be more precise, we will use the word island. When participating in Survival Island: EVO raft, you not only survive to live, but you can also explore the surrounding islands. It is this busyness that has brought attraction to players.

The context of Survival Island: EVO raft is that the player has to survive on a deserted island, and the opening is quite interesting with a long story. This is different from other survival games when choosing how to crash a plane or sink a ship…

The story of Survival Island: EVO raft begins when humans defy nature and think that humans can master everything. The pride was shown by the fact that they did not shy away from any species. Humans view all as slaves and force them to serve the purpose of dominating this planet. However, they did not have any preparation for the apocalypse. If it happens, it will surpass all human control.

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In a day full of surprises, a great flood came across the globe and engulfed everything. The atmosphere is like a membrane on the head of the poison. Everything is getting scary. The Earth is in danger of extinction, so how can humans overcome this tribulation?

Survival Island: EVO raft

But fortunately, scientists have made efforts to save this situation. The task given is to successfully create a special emulsion obtained from the Earth’s rarest metal, called Premium. And then, a team to protect the Earth was quickly formed to go to different parts of the Earth and find Premium.

At that time, millions of people volunteered to participate in this campaign. And you will be one of them. According to the plan, everyone will depart together to these lands on giant battleships.

However, unfortunately, there was a terrible incident to the battleship for which the cause was unknown. Just know that when you wake up on a deserted island, there are no people, shelters, or weapons of any kind. Your mind spins and your limbs go limp. Fear takes over you, and you also have a lot of questions popping up in your head like “Where is this and who am I?”

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However, the ability to survive always exists in every human being. You still need to live to find your way home, continue your journey with your teammates, and help save the world.

The gameplay of Survival Island: EVO raft

To begin the journey of survival, players will need to do anything. Because this place is an uninhabited island, and there is no means of survival. It will all depend on you.

Not only that, many difficulties will come to you such as wild animals, unstable weather along hundreds of different threats. However, what you need to do to try to survive right now is:

  1.    Make your own weapons, arrows, spears, and some tools such as hammers, knives, scissors, axes…
  2.   To be safe, you also need to find shelter at night. Use the tools you just found to cut down trees, collect leaves and build houses.
  3.  You also need to use weapons to hunt wild animals, otherwise you will starve to death.
  4.   In order not to get cold, you need to tie the leaves to form clothes.

During your journey, you also must not forget to look for resources and useful tools. Collect them because you will probably need these in the not too distant future.

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Survival Island: EVO raft is a survival game, so it follows and realistically simulates life when fighting with wild nature. But life is not only hunting and gathering, gamers also struggle with wild animals, mutant animals, or sinister hearts with attacks of pirates.

Survival Island: EVO raft is built on a very impressive 3D graphics platform. It brings similar experiences and turns these gamers into Robinson. In addition, you will also have great experiences in these vast archipelagos with extremely bright and beautiful scenery.

Survival Island: EVO raft mod apk version

When participating in playing Survival Island: EVO raft mod apk version, you will have unlimited money. Use them as much as you like to overcome the immediate difficulties.

Download Survival Island: EVO raft mod apk for Android

Survival Island: EVO raft impresses players with its extremely attractive storyline and interesting survival life. Here you can discover new lands with lots of surprises. If you love survival games, you cannot ignore this fascinating game. Download Survival Island: EVO raft to experience it right away.


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