Frying Table Revealed in Latest Minecraft 1.21 Leak

A new leak for the Minecraft 1.21 update has recently been revealed and it comes straight from the game developer. And well, this one strangely makes a lot of sense, but no one really saw it coming. So let’s jump right into discussing the frying table leak in Minecraft 1.21.

Deep frying table coming in Minecraft 1.21?

Some community members have the latest video on the Minecraft YouTube channel and found an idea of ​​what new features we can expect in future snapshots.

As shown in the screenshot below, there are multiple tabs open on the developer screen and one of them clearly states: “Frying table“. Yes, that’s right, a frying table might be coming to the game in Minecraft 1.21!

A chip table leak revealed in the latest official Minecraft 1.21 video

So this can only mean one thing: we can… first real cooking utility block in the game. But that is not everything. If Mojang ultimately implements this block, it will hopefully mean a complete overhaul of the food system.

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After all, Minecraft is primarily a survival game, but the The hunger system is so old and has not been updated as ever. So this would be a great opportunity for Mojang to go back to this old mechanic and upgrade it, similar to what they’ve done with others Minecraft 1.21 features.

Yes, we have one oven and a smoker in the game, and they each have their uses. But imagine a block solely for making food. A block where you could put ingredients and wait a while until they were transformed into something powerful and nutritious. Maybe even more powerful than golden apples and enchanted golden apples?

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If you think about it, a chip table would make a lot of sense since the Minecraft 1.21 update is all about fighting. And what function goes hand in hand with combat? It’s eating food to replenish your health and energy! Maybe the frying table could even do that improve the food with special status effects so you don’t have to take them with you drinks with you.

But did Mojang developers forget to close/hide this tab from the community or did they make it public on purpose? Maybe they’re playing a joke on us, but we still want the frying table in Minecraft 1.21! So please let us have it, beautiful please! What do you think of the frying table? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!

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