Loki Gains New Superpower in Season 2 Episode 5 (Recap)

So folks, Loki season 2, episode 5 is here, and within those 40 minutes there was so much to unpack that my brain stopped thinking for a moment. However, this episode gave us certain elements that we really didn’t see coming. For example, Casey, who was just a timid and funny character on TVA, turns out to be the infamous man Frank Morris, who escaped from Alcatraz. Episode 5 continues right from the cliffhanger we were on episode 4. The Temporal Loom explodes and all TVA workers are sent back to their original timelines. Loki is passing time again, but this time he can control it, giving him a whole new set of powers. Now he can go back in time and change everything that happened. He also went back in time, but at what point in time? Find the answer to this question and some other interesting questions in this article!

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Spoiler warning: This article contains spoilers for Loki season 2, episode 5. If you haven’t seen the latest episode yet, it might spoil the fun for you.

How can Loki control his wasting time?

Loki Gains New Superpower in Season 2, Episode 5 (Recap)
Source: Disney+ Hoststar

Most of the screen time in this episode revolves around Loki, played by Tom Hiddleston, himself and he pondering questions that define him. Loki’s loss of time is also something related to his truth of “Why?” why does he do what he does, the true purpose of his quest? At first he isn’t true to himself and tells everyone he just wants to save the TVA, but when Sylvie forces him to tell the truth, he finally gives the real “Why?” to. behind his quest. He tells her that he just doesn’t want to save it because it’s important to him, he wants to do that because he wants to save his friends and not be alone anymore.

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This revelation plays a very crucial role in ultimately unlocking Loki’s ability to control his timeslip. However, when the fabric of reality begins to crumble completely and Loki witnesses the deaths of his loved ones before his eyes, he realizes that the key to controlling his powers isn’t “Why?” is. it’s “Who?”. It implies that Loki wants to change who he is and the course of his destiny. The WHO?” also implies the people he cares about most, and his will to save them from impending doom allows Loki to control his time wasting and turn it into a superpower.

What time did Loki travel to at the end of episode 5?

Loki Gains New Superpower in Season 2, Episode 5 (Recap)
Source: Disney+ Hoststar

By the end of episode 5, everything and everyone around him starts to turn into spaghetti. Under all that emotional turmoil, he figures out how to control his time and first goes back in time for a few moments, then travels a significant amount of time and returns to the TVA. It appears he traveled back to the TVA before Victor Timely went through the blast doors and was killed. We’ve seen Loki in that big space walking suit in the trailers, but we haven’t seen him in the released episodes yet. Maybe in the next episode he goes out to fix the temporary loom himself with his new powers and actually succeeds. Who knows?

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The possibilities are endless and I wouldn’t mind seeing something mind-boggling again. However, the upcoming episode of Loki season 2 will be the finale of this season and will determine the possibility of a Loki season 3 in the future. So let’s wait for the final episode to come out and see what Marvel has to offer us!

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