Netflix Will Offer the GTA Trilogy for Free to Its Subscribers

Following the lukewarm reception of the GTA Trilogy from PC and console players, Rockstar Games and Grove Street Games have worked diligently to fix the port. After numerous patches, it seems that the series is ready to launch on the final platform, namely mobile. However, the release is a departure from the usual Rockstar treatment for mobile, as the trilogy is actually coming to Netflix Games.

Rockstar partners with Netflix to launch the GTA trilogy

News of the trilogy’s launch was first shared by Netflix. This is because Netflix’s gaming arm is working with the GTA publisher to launch these titles. As such, the GTA trilogy is coming to Netflix subscribers for free via Google Play, iOS, and the official Netflix app. The trilogy is launched December 14, 2023.

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These are the definitive edition versions and as such include GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas remastered. The iOS pre-registration is live and you can go to this three links to pre-register for each game. Pre-registration pages for the Play Store are not live yet. However, we can expect them very soon.

Interestingly enough, Rockstar’s official X account hasn’t posted anything about it. Perhaps they are busy preparing for the impending event GTA reveal in December. Moreover, this is one of the high-profile titles that Netflix has managed to secure for its subscribers. It’s no surprise that their gaming efforts have been a bit shaky, since users generally don’t play the titles on the phone. And this CNBC report confirms that report.

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Another thing Rockstar Games hasn’t confirmed is whether this edition will replace the individual GTA titles currently available on mobile phones. You can buy GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas permanently on iOS or Android for a price. However, like PC and consoles, Rockstar discontinued the original versions of the game in favor of the Definitive Editions. We’ll have to wait until launch to confirm that.

Finally, Rockstar Games hasn’t shared any news on whether these are Netflix exclusive launches or if players will be able to purchase a non-Netflix version. You know, for future reference, in case you don’t like the media giant’s $14 month offer.

GTA Trilogy joins the ranks of heavy hitters like Spiritfarer, Kentucky Route Zero, Oxenfree, Immortality, Samurai Shodown and more. This game is one of their high-profile launches on the platform and could definitely boost the download count.

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So, are you excited about the launch? What are your thoughts on it? Let us know in the comments below.

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