OPPO Begins ColorOS 14 Global Rollout; Here’s What’s New

Oppo releases Color OS 14 software for its smartphones

Oppo, the very popular smartphone maker, today made a major announcement about its phone software, known as Color OS. The public beta for the new version, Color OS 14, began in October for select devices. Today, the company announced that ColorOS 14 has started its global rollout leaves the beta phase to the stable version.

Let’s talk about the new features in Color OS 14. Oppo says it is introducing an optimized version Aquamorphic design which essentially continues ColorOS 13’s approach. The design language aims to dynamically adapt the smartphone UI colors to the context. Basically, the colors of the system’s user interface are adjusted based on several factors, such as the time of day and the current status of your phone. Oppo also touts that this new design is “inspired by water,” hence the name.

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Then there is Aquadynamics. This is a new UI feature that dynamically integrates and tops various apps and common interactions on a smartphone. It is very similar to that of the iPhone dynamic island which is present in Apple’s new 2023 lineup. When you’re in the middle of a voice or screen recording, you can continue to monitor its status while doing other things on your phone.

Oppo Color OS 14 Features
Color OS 14 brings Aquamorphic design, Aqua Dynamics, new AOD wallpapers and more Image courtesy: OPPO

In addition, Color OS 14 also brings a number of new useful tools. The new File dock is very useful for storing files and other things (like Amazon listings, images, books) easily. Once you do that, the File Dock will keep all your data for 30 days and you can access it quickly! There is also a new one Smart Image Matting function. It allows users to remove the background of a subject in their photos. Oppo is also introducing new Always on Display (AOD) wallpapers, simultaneously promoting a ‘go green’ initiative.

OPPO ColorOS 14 Trinity engine
Image courtesy: OPPO

Finally, Oppo also introduces one Improved Trinity engine that entails CPU, RAM and ROM vitalization. These essentially work to continuously optimize the system’s computing resources, speed up memory performance, enable higher app efficiency, and more.

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Color OS 14 Release Date and Device Eligibility

Unfortunately, not all Oppo smartphone users will receive the stable ColorOS 14 update immediately. It’s just the Find N2 Flip, Oppo’s flip-style foldable phone, which will soon get a new Color OS 14 stable update along with the October security patch. The update is confirmed that the rollout has begun in selected regions.

Oppo has not yet confirmed when exactly it will be stable versions of the Color OS 14 update will reach other Oppo smartphones. However, the company had previously talked about the global beta of Color OS 14 and even provided a rollout timeline for the same. As we just said, the Find N2 Flip is the first to receive a stable version of Color OS 14. We will keep you updated once the stable Color OS 14 version is widely rolled out to other devices and if we receive further details about the device. suitability.

Oppo color os 14 beta software release timeline for various oppo smartphones

Are you eagerly awaiting the Color OS 14 update for your phone? Let us know your thoughts on the Color OS 14 update in the comments below.

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