The Samsung Internet Browser Is Now on Windows!

Of all the Internet browsers available on Android, many users choose Samsung Internet as their favorite. In a breath of fresh air, the company has now decided to bring that magic to PCs, as Samsung’s internet browser is now available for Windows PCs!

The browser requires users to log in with a Samsung account. Once you’re done, Samsung Internet will sync browsing data between your phone and PC. This includes your bookmarks, history, and even open tabs. This essentially continues Samsung’s own ecosystem which now allows users to use their Galaxy phones even more with Windows.

Samsung internet browser privacy dashboard feature

However, password synchronization is currently unavailable. The app also appears to be slightly bugged in places, with Korean text present instead of English even though the language is set correctly.

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In short, it’s the perfect browser app to use if you already have other Samsung devices. It also feels new in the sea of ​​different browser options like Firefox, Opera, Chrome and Edge. The browser feels quite minimal at the moment, but there are other features too.

It features a Privacy dashboard and supports features such as blocking backward redirects and pop-ups and warning about malicious sites. There also is a Ad blocker setting in the browser, which can be toggled between ‘off’, ‘aggressive’ and ‘basic’.

The UI feels quite clean, with URLs centralized. And yes, it is dark mode also. For us, performance is also quite smooth, but some media reports indicate that others are experiencing issues such as laggy scrolling. When you open a new tab, Google is still the default search engine.

Samsung internet browser function for easy tab switching

However, you can easily switch to other options via the drop-down menu. Like other browsers, there are tabs that organize all the open sites. Hopefully, Samsung will add more features to its new browser soon. In the future, it could be one of the best browsers for PC!

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To install the Samsung Internet Browser, go to the Microsoft store clutch. Then click on the installation button. It’s available for both Windows 10 and 11 and you don’t need a Galaxy machine. To take advantage of the features, you can use your Samsung phone and make sure the accounts are synced with each other.

What do you think of the Samsung Internet browser for Windows PCs? Are you considering switching to that? Let us know in the comments below.

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