This Is the World’s First “Molecular Beverage Printer” to Make Customized Drinks

This Is the World’s First “Molecular Beverage Printer” to Make Customized Drinks

Cana, a beverage-focused technology company, has come up with a device, which it boasts is the world’s first “molecular beverage printer.” It can mix and dispense numerous kinds of beverages, ranging from fruit juices to cocktails, with just a touch of a button. The device, Cana One, can be placed on a kitchen countertop and dismiss the need for packaged drinks. Here’s what it’s all about.

cana one molecular drinks printer introduced

Cana One: The World’s First Molecular Beverage Printer

Cana One uses a single cartridge of flavorings to create over 10,000 customized beverages such as sports drinks, coffee, tea, wine, cocktails, and more. Users can choose the levels of alcohol, caffeine, and sugar to make the perfect drink for themselves. Cana says that the drinks are made with 90% of water with only 10% of flavorings, sugar, and alcohol. It is also revealed that the alcohol and caffeine levels can be put behind a PIN to avoid overuse.

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Once the ingredients cartridge runs out, the company will automatically replace it at no extra cost. The device also requires a CO2 cylinder and sugar and spirit cartridges, which the company will also replace automatically. you will need to pay on a per drink basis† The price will range from 29 cents (~Rs 22) to $3 (~Rs 229).

Furthermore, the company has teamed up with various beverage brands to create its own drink varieties.

How This Works?

It is revealed that a team of scientists and researchers developed the technology powering the Cana One device for three years. They say that the researchers isolated the trace compounds behind flavor and aroma to create a set of ingredients that is able to deliver a variety of drinks using the same machine.

cana one customized drinks

The company also says that the Cana One beverage dispenser uses a unique “microfluidic liquid dispensing technology” to mix the ordered beverages. Moreover, the device, as per Cana, could drastically reduce the waste and emissions from bottled or canned drinks in the market and can even be more cost-effective.

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As for the price of the machine, Cana says that it will sell the first 10,000 units of the Cana One at $499 (~Rs 38,140) with an initial refundable booking price of $99 (~Rs 7,564). following that, the price will rise to $799 (~Rs 61,050)† The company aims to start shipping the orders from early 2023. You can reserve a Cana One from the company’s official website†

While this appears like an interesting product, it remains to be seen how feasible an idea this is and whether or not it can easily replace drinks available in the market. What do you think? Do share your thoughts with us in the comments below!

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