WhatsApp Will Now Let You Send Disappearing Voice Messages

WhatsApp already has the ability to send and receive disappearing media and now has its “Watch onceAbility to record messages. This allows you to send disappearing voice notes for privacy reasons.

a onceicon is now available while sending voice notes. You’ll have to select this every time you want to send a disappearing voice note, just like you do for disappearing photos and videos. Once this is enabled, the voice notes will disappear as soon as they are listened to.

WhatsApp makes voice notes more private!

This will help you talk more privately with others in case the voice messages are secretive. Similar to WhatsApp, disappearing voice messages are encrypted end-to-end. However, WhatsApp warns that people can still use “otherWays to intercept voice messages. For example, if the recipient has an Android phone, the native screen recorder functionality can be used to record the audio messages. So it’s best to send these messages to someone trustworthy!

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After you send a View Once voice message, you can no longer hear it and to know if the recipient has opened it, the message ‘read receipts” option must be enabled. It is also revealed that voice messages will disappear Available 14 days (unless they are not opened), at which point they will disappear anyway.

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Although you cannot forward, save, star or share the disappearing voice notes and even media, you can still report them if you find them inappropriate. These messages can also be backed up if they are left unopened during the backup process.

WhatsApp view voice messages once

WhatsApp will roll out View Once voice messages globally in the coming days. I was able to use the feature on iOS (see the screenshot above) and to check if you have it, you can simply update WhatsApp and send a voice note, which now has a timer icon next to it. Share your thoughts about this new WhatsApp feature in the comments below and if you still can’t access it, don’t worry as it should be rolled out soon.

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