NYT Connections Hints and Answers for November 29, 2023

Maybe you’re used to the game by now, but today’s NYT Connections was also pretty easy. However, if you get stuck, there is help. Keep reading as we talk about all the hints, categories, and, finally, the answers you might need for Connections today. So let’s get started.

Tip for today’s Connections themes

We’ll start you off today with a few subtle hints for the Connections themes. Check them out below and see if you can guess one.

  • Yellow category – Walking requires many parts
  • Green category – There are many ways to make music
  • Blue category – Used when training your dog
  • Purple category – Not a good person

Additional tip: Do you know how to make music?

We’d love to go into more detail about this, but these tips are the best we can share. They all relate to the categories for the puzzle, so think long and hard before scrolling down to see the exact category names. However, if you still can’t find the category names, try this one tricks to fix NYT Connections for some more help.

Spoiler warning #1

Although this section provided hints for the categories, the next section names them directly. Only proceed if you are sure.

The names of the contemporary compound categories

If you still can’t figure out the NYT Connections category names, read on.

  • Yellow – FOOT PARTS
  • Purple – BADDI
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We hope you can now guess the words under each category. However, if you still need more help, it’s finally time to scroll down.

Spoiler warning #2
The next section contains the answer to today’s puzzle; you will see all the answers in their categories. This is your last chance to try out the puzzle yourself.

Connections Reply by November 29

Are you still stuck with the puzzle? In that case, the answers to today’s Connections are:

  • FOOT PARTS – Arch, ball, sole, toe
  • MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS – Bass, harp, horn, organ
  • DOG COMMANDS – Come, sit down, stay
  • BADDIE – Dog, heel, jerk, snake
NYT Connections Reply November 29

As I said above, even today’s experience with NYT Connections was quite easy. It wasn’t that difficult to recognize musical instruments, so I was immediately given the Green category. I then moved on to Yellow, and although I was confused between Ball and other words, I finally got it.

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The blue category followed suit with all dog commands in the bag. That left only four words that, to be honest, didn’t make much sense to me. However, I combined them all and got the Purple and ultimately my NYT Connections answers for November 29th.

NYT Connections Previous Answers

We hope the answers above helped you solve the NYT Connections puzzle for today. However, if you ended up here by accident, chances are you’re looking for answers to previous puzzles.

We have the solution for you for such moments and more. Feel free to browse our list of NYT Connections answers from the past three days for all the help you need.

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And you? How was your experience with today’s puzzle? Where did you get stuck when you did that? Let us know in the comments below.

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