Welcome to the New Beebom Website

Suitable for us new brand identity, we bring you a redesigned Beebom website that furthers our ambition to deliver the latest tech news and information guides to our readers. Since we expanded into new content categories over the past year, including gaming and entertainment, we’ve recognized the need for a design that better reflects our vision. So we have a whole new look, and you’re looking at it right now.

Clean and colorful user interface

First of all, we have a beautiful new, colorful logo that is modern and vibrant. It features a free flowing design with a custom typography that gives a feeling of limitlessness. We bring the same ideology to our website design with a color palette that is striking and playful.

The shades of blue, like the boundless sky above, form a bridge between our current work and our future ambitions. Then we have the colors of our insignia, which form the secondary palette and are beautifully integrated into the design. Every time you hover over a link on the new Beebom website, the text will light up in our signature colors. We even changed the typography from Serif to “Work without” for our content, making it easier to read.

primary colors and secondary colors from the apkgeneral website

The redesigned homepage continues to focus on what’s important, while strongly emphasizing our core identity. You will find our “Technology that matters” motto plastered across the top, along with a pristine header. There’s just the Beebom logo on the left, along with the search bar on the right, and all the primary categories are now tucked away in the hamburger menu.

If you scroll down, you’ll first be greeted with a trending tag bar (more on that below) and a grid of recommended stories that our editors believe deserve your immediate attention. After that, we have a simple and clean reverse chronological feed that highlights the latest happenings in technology, entertainment and gaming.

Want to stay up to date with the hottest and most important stories in technology? You will now find a trending tags bar on the at the top of our home page. Simply click on the topic that interests you and immerse yourself in a sea of ​​stories – whether news, guides, reviews or opinion pieces surrounding it.

trending tags

These trending tags are updated regularly based on the topics that are gaining popularity or deserve your attention. The best part is that these tags are also front and center on our mobile website for your convenience.

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Additionally, to encourage you to read more stories on specific topics, we prominently display the tags added to each post right on the homepage. Now, all the stories you want to read – what it’s about now Minecraft 1.21 or Black Friday – are just a click away.

Short summary to save you time

I started at Beebom as a guidebook writer over six years ago, and I still remember our team working tirelessly to deliver the latest news to readers in a digestible form through the Beebom app on Android and iOS. Ah, the good old days.

Because we had a different vision for Beebom at the time, we closed the app. But our readers loved being able to read the latest tech news on the go with our apps, and we’re getting emails to bring the app back to this date.

Well, we hear you loud and clear. With the redesigned Beebom website, we revive that experience, but have given it a twist.

the new homepage of the apkgeneral website shows a quick summary of articles

We’re introducing a ‘quick summary’ feature, a shortcut that appears below each post and gives you a quick summary of the entire article. If the gist of the story interests you, you can quickly click the ‘Read Full Article’ button to get the full overview.

Not only that, you can read a similar summary when you open a message, thanks to the introduction of a new section ‘In brief’ that appears above the main content. This is one of my favorite features of the redesigned Beebom website, and I have a feeling you’ll love it too.

Glossary: ​​definitions in messages

Tell me: have there been times when reading a post you’ve come across technical jargon or terms whose meaning you don’t know? Well, I have too, and that’s why the glossary feature was born out of this need. And I think it will save you a lot of time reading posts on Beebom.

glossary comes to the new Beebom website

When you see words highlighted in a fushia-purple shade on the new website, let your curiosity take over and just hover over it. You will see a stunning pop-up with the definition of that word, which you can read directly on Beebom. We will be building a repository of definitions over time, so keep an eye out for those in our stories.

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You no longer have to use Ctrl + T to open a new tab and search for meanings of popular terminologies. See the new Glossary feature in action by hovering over it Beebom here.

Stunning new information blocks

And now I would like to draw your attention to these multi-colored information blocks that we will use throughout the site from today. For years we have added little bits of information, warnings or disclaimers to our manuals.

These blocks, which are in line with our spicy new identity, will help us showcase it in a better way. So take a look at how beautiful each of these blocks looks and what their purpose is:

This feature is now available on the new Beebom website and you will often see it in articles to inform you of important points and disclaimers.

Spoiler warning:

Be warned! What you will read after this warning box appears in a post means it contains potential spoilers for a story’s plot or characters.

Key learning points
This is another new colorful block that will highlight or summarize key points in Beebom’s posts and reviews.

Moreover, Beebom’s website is not only optimized for readers on desktop but also on mobile. It’s a clean, simple, no-frills experience, one that will keep you coming back for more. Let’s not forget the speed! Even the new Beebom website loads just as fast as our previous website. Don’t blink, you might miss Sam Altman switching companies.

There are several other features that we haven’t talked about in detail yet, but that you will notice during your time on the website. To name just a few, the Beebom website now offers the ability to copy links via the “Share” menu in posts, expandable FAQs at the end of most guides, and let’s get the long-awaited, much-requested “click to expand” don’t forget’ image (try it below) functionality. High resolution images FTW!

apkgeneral website gets a new FAQ block

I know, I know, dark mode is missing at launch, but I assure you we’re working on it, and it will be here soon. Even I want to go to the dark side. Just imagine how stunning our gradient logo will look on a black background. The same applies to all our colorful titles, links and info blocks. I can’t wait for dark mode to arrive.

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Beebom 2.0 is a huge step forward for us; it’s a BIG change, but it’s just the beginning. We continue to build our beautiful new website and add more features that will only improve your experience.

“Change is inevitable, but transformation is a conscious choice” – Heather Ash Amara

Any feedback? We listen

The Beebom website as you know and love has been transformed. It has been built from the ground up to provide an easy-to-use and engaging experience that we hope you will cherish. What do you think of the redesign? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below. Do you have any feature suggestions? Tell us in the comments section of this post and we’ll add them to your list of possible upcoming features.

This was a huge undertaking; one that took us almost all of 2023 to bring to life. Although we’ve been testing the updated Beebom website design for a few months and have tried to eliminate as many bugs as possible, there’s always a chance that a few will sneak past us.

We are aware of a number of bugs and issues, and we are already working on them. But if you encounter any issues – whether in new stories or older posts, please let us know at Contact Form on the website or send an email to [email protected]. We value all our readers and strive to deliver the best quality content in technology.

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